Neurotoxin... So deadly..!
*do you always stay locked in your little room? You must move a bit*

*Goes all around his area and into the den and visits the other universes quite often.*

Stares at him for a moment, a feline party? Silly. Is the feline repo AI.

… *No answer for him then?* Okay.

*I guess she’s just taking things, whatever, it doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone so might as well let her continue. He takes little Ruby from his desk and sits down on the bench*

Hello little one~

*pats the tiny turret on her top*

Should you REALLY be giving her ideas like that? She came back soon after and started picking up kittens/adolescent felines.

*Just stands there* Are you having a party with the felines? *Yes a party with chairs for the guests, the guests are cats.*

Rushes back in to swipe that chair too, without the pleasantries as before. Could of sworn she made a point! Her chairs! You understand, surely.

… *Calls after her* What do you require the chairs for? Some sort of deadly musical chairs test with the test subjects?!

Takes his chair and walks off with it. "I do appreciate your cooperation~"

… *Very confused, why does she need his chair?* I uh..? Alright… I will just get another from the daycare area… *Goes to do so*

"Stand up?" smiles politely.

Hmm? Alright. *Stands.*

*Mouth closed scowling, she chews on her worthless tongue, glaring*

*This is awkward, he wishes she would leave. What does her coming here and glaring at him accomplish anyway? Why do his doors always magically unlock for her?*

*wants to tell you off about something so badly*

*Hasn’t done much of anything lately so whatever it is probabally isn’t his fault.*

(Birdchild art jam)

(Birdchild art jam)

Oh okay. *keeps super close to Sarin and peeks around at all the windows* There's a lot of stuff here!

*They walk a while past many stores when Sarin spots it* The pet store daddy! Can we go in there?!

Yes, thats a good idea! Lets go.