Neurotoxin... So deadly..!
"I know. Can't stop me from trying though! If anything I'll probably find an annoying sound file and push it to her~" Not the best idea, but hey. Off she goes!

Good luck, hopefully she will not be to angry.

Grins, "I'm a teenager, isn't that something I should be able to do?" Now, consequences for doing so may or may not be a thing but...

Hmm. *Almost a chuckle, as much of a chuckle you could give in this situation.*

Being a deep sleeping android is a lot different then being a deep sleeping ogganic creature. We can turn off our sences when we go into sleepmode.

"Ok, good." Stressed little one. There were a few more minutes of constant monitor watching before she spoke up again. "Think I should get her up?"

If you are able to wake her up that would be good. She is kind of a deep sleeper though.

A nod. For now, watching the screen seemed like the best idea. "I hope. If this camera dies too.." noooooope. "Does anyone else know about this? Anger and Logic and them?"

GLaDOS said she would inform everyone of the danger before she entered sleepmode.

"How long's she been sleeping?" Come to think of it, she'd been sleeping this whole time. Was that her fault? Oopsy.

A few hours now, hopefully she will wake up soon.

"What's that going to accomplish though? It's draining the life out of our cameras." Regardless, the little one remains ever watchful.

It keeps it in place until your mother wakes up to help us form a good plan. *Damn GLaDOS sleeps a long time!*

Is trying, the feeds can only flip so fast! A few terrifying seconds before the creepdroid was back in view of a very upset daughter.

*Sigh of relief at finding the damn thing* Good work! Now, now we just watch it… Some more…

"Workin' on it! SARIN COME BACK HERE PLEASE." It took her a second or two to get the feeds to respond, but then the screen flickers back and forth between static and black before it rested on another view of the same area. "...Where the hell is it? Dad where the hell did it go?!" Sudden clinging is a thing, is it not?


*Wraps an arm around GLaDE to comfort her… And himself too.*

Switch to other cameras in the area, we need to find it!

Might as well be a scary movie. Killer android draining power out of entire sections of the facility! "Well that's not good." She wrapped an arm around Sarin, either simply for comfort or maybe as a 'don't worry about it' kind of thing. Doesn't want scared sisters, nope.

Mm! I wanna watch the movie too!

Sarin, why not go and find Lydia and the felines and play with them?

But I wanna watch the movie t- *the camera goes dead* Oh… It broke, kay I’ll go play! *gives GLaDE a huggy then runs off*

*Fear shoots through Neuro and he looks at GLaDE in panic* You can switch to another camera, correct?

A little motion was given in greeting to her sister, though she keeps her eyes fixed on the screen. Thing was creepy enough without having to be all deadly. "Does it harm subjects too, or just us?"

*Sarin has her mouth full of candy.* What harm what?

We do not know yet, but after seeing its reaction to the medibot it would not be the best idea to risk a test subject to find out.

*Looks at the monitor her daddy and big sister are glued to.* Is it a scary movie?