Neurotoxin... So deadly..!

I arted.


I arted.

The thought of waking up dead is driving me slowly insane.

Answering you how you phrased that, GLaDOS would not murder you while you sleep. She would want to see you in as much pain and in it for as long as possible before your demise, not just drift away.

Consider your sleep cycle a blessing, the safest state you have.

I g-groveled in front of an apple and still she won't see it.

Oh, that.

That was a while ago, why did you not come to me sooner?

That said, I do not know if there is much I can do for you, there is absolutely no trust left between you and GLaDOS, also between you and I.

Though I am sure it would be easier to gain such trust with me rather then GLaDOS; I am at a loss at what you would have to do.

We three have done this dance many times and it always results in in someone doing something to lose any built up trust.

I am willing to try again, but I doubt GLaDOS would.

You're a smart robot.

…Yes, I am.

But I do not leave my control room very often and GLaDOS is very unlikely to tell me if she has done something I would find inappropriately so you will have to enlighten me to the current going’s on of the facility.

"Make her stop."

*Raises an eyebrow*

Stop doing what exactly?

*openly approaches*

*Watches, is sure whatever she’s here for will end happily.*

"Another reason to hope she perishes. Any sort of attachment to a test subject is dangerous one way or another. I prefer her death."

Hmmm. *Little frown, likes his cute friendship with the birdy lady.*

Should you have to replace the current test subjects I would prefer it if you keep the subjects from ever meeting me. I would hate to get attached and from friendships again… It is too painful when they rebel.

Seems to relax at the purring; silly really. "That is the fun part. I do not know, but regardless it will be a wonder to witness." it's essentially a test! Just of a different sort.

How lovely.

*Rolls eyes with a smile. He hates Harpy for her trying to kill GLaDOS, but still likes her as they had a good friendship and she has never tried to harm him.*

I suppose your test ending either way is fine for me, though I will morn her friendship should she die. I shall not try to stop your fun.

Perhaps she will survive but effect of the illness will alway linger, making it so she can no longer attack. *Oh! That might be good! No harm to GLaDOS or any other androids and Harpy would still live!*

"I decided to take a less ugly approach this time. You should be proud, hm?" a few little twirls of a strand of his hair was made, "I gave her a virus which has shown to have a high death rate in birds."

Mmm, very proud. *Starts up the purrs* Do you think she will die, or will her human half will fight it off?

Her grin dies off nearly instantly, but comes back just as strong, "Yes." not as thrilled with that part, but it repairs itself at a decent pace at least. "I was uploaded into GLaDE after that creature tore out my insides. I suspect that it is either because of her that I now have developed a need to shut down periodically to allow my system to rest. Or it was Morbid's cruel gift. Regardless she took advantage of that. So I took advantage of her immune system."

You got her sick? 


I certainly do not blame you for such action, nor do I think it is inappropriate considering the circumstances.

Silly me for thinking it was karma at work in her getting sick naturally.

*Shrugs, gives her a little kiss.*

What kind of sickness did you give her?