Neurotoxin... So deadly..!
"It is only natural for them." busy for a moment watching Grey, until the neck nuzzling. Would melt if it possible.

*Smirks and kisses along her neck*

*Grey continues to groom her kittens and the first one that was on the ground now jumps up and squeezes in between the other two of them, it hits the first and they hiss at each other. Grey licks both of them*

Raises a brow at the feline, "Is someone jealous? How expected." Grey got quite a few head rubbings then.

*Happy Grey, gets the love! Oh and now her daddy reached over with a laugh and gave her some scratches too. SCORE! Okay, her time to give her babies some love too, she starts to groom those two.*

Heh, such a good mother she is~ *Purrs and and gives GLaDOS’s neck a nuzzle*

She smiled, keeping the mess that was currently happening a little secret for now. He didn't need to know all that mess. The kitten was sat down on the floor to go do, kitten things while she tugged him closer.

*Wraps his arms around her and purrs.*

*Mama Grey comes in with two of the other kittens following her, she jumps up on the bench beside GLaDOS with her kittens jumping up too. Now is time for her mama to pay attention to her and her kittens! Not time for daddy grooming!*

"You see. This is a good change. And I did not force her. She complied." bonus! Did nothing wrong here, helped.


*Doesn’t know Marine had Cat’s baton, doesn’t know Harpy is in actual danger. Figured Marine could reason better then she has done. These humans result to violence so quickly! Oh well! Leans over and gives GLaDOS a kiss. *

"That must of been frightening." quiet laughing.

It was at first, but then it was kind of… Nice.

She normally come in here to anger or annoy me, there was no vexing this time. Rather refreshing.

Wasn't really planning on explaining but~ Compelled. "I am not sure how I convinced her to follow along, but after a little bickering and whining, she allowed me to upload a second personality into her tiny little mind." smiles, "The personality was of one scientists that actually was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of intelligent, high functioning AI. They were also very obedient, it seems." continues petting the kitten, getting chewed on, "They all need this, yes."

I see. Well it is was needed improvement for her, she came in to see me and she was smiling.


*Smiles himself, cuz omg Marine was happy to see him, wtf!*

"I do not think it needs explaining, do you?" goodness, these kittens were getting big. And it /almost/ purred better than Neuro. Such likable things.

You obviously altered her personality somehow, though I would still like to hear the method.

*Smiles* I am not mad about it, even if it would be cruel to allow her to kill the others should they not comply to testing.

Perhaps you should do the same to all of them, it would save all their lives and give you more willing test subjects. And choices for allowing them to live are few now.

Oh the grin on her face told so much!

I see she has a very good new attitude towards testing, though I wonder how this was achieved?

May as well spend time with her companion, it seems safer here of course. A quick move to the bench, a small kitten in her hands, and there. Safe.

*Smiles and sits next to her* 

Have some fun with 77661 recently? *Smirks*

Goodbye then~ *friendly wave, moves out*

*Waves back all friendly too, once shes gone he looks down at the kitten.*

That was scary, little one.


I know! Your grandmommy GLaDOS really changed her personality. I am sure this will all end well. *Rolls his eyes.*

Merr *purrpurrpurr*

Such a talkative little one. *Scratches the bby kitty being the ears.*